Google Earth Plus

Google Earth Plus is the ultimate tool for mapping enthusiasts. Plug in your GPS device to see your current position in real-time, or import data from your trek to relive the adventure. Import a homes-for-sale spreadsheet to view the locations of houses relative to schools and parks, or print images of the secluded beach you must visit on your next vacation.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro harnesses the full power of the tool. Offering an expanded feature set, enhanced printing, and the fastest data delivery speed, it is the ultimate research, presentation and collaboration tool for geo-specific information. Google Earth Pro is used by successful, forward-thinking professionals to deliver complex data sets simply and clearly.

Google Earth Enterprise

Google Earth offers a variety of on-site deployment solutions for your enterprise. Combine your enterprise data with ASP-delivered Google Earth data or host your own complete data set. New in Version 3.0 — Support for 2D views using the Maps API.